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Versak Labs is a reputable consultancy and laboratory support service provider with a ​focus on preclinical and medical device services for early-stage development and ​assessments. Our reach is global, and we offer an extensive range of analytical ​laboratory tests to the pharmaceutical and packaging industries. Our team of highly ​qualified scientific members from esteemed R&D institutes and professors from ​universities founded Versak Labs & Research.

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We specialize in medicinal product development and ​are dedicated to product evaluation, comprehensive ​formulation and analytical development, excipient ​characterization, reverse engineering, dissolution test ​development, solid-state characterizations, and ​small analysis. At Versak Labs, we have a wealth of ​expertise and capabilities centered around ​formulations and CMC development. We cater to ​both generic drugs and life cycle development of ​branded drug products, as well as new drug ​products (NCE). To this end, we have established ​three pharmaceutical R&D specialty service ​platforms to serve our clients better.

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Curiosity, inventiveness, and a passion for ​excellence. These are qualities that drive our ​people to discover what’s possible as they ​work to deliver the best.

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We provide thorough consulting services in ​pharmaceutical product supply, putting you in ​touch with partners to optimize your benefits. ​Our dedication is to promote constructive ​change for a better future.


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